“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. Listen for what’s behind the words.”

Roy T. Bennett

After earning degrees in English and Philosophy and then serving the corporate world as a proposal writer and editor, our Founder and Creative Director, Shannon Halford, packed her talents in copywriting, communications and the arts and moved to a friendlier neighborhood. She then built a home in the new world of marketing and immersed herself into more than a decade of entrepreneurship, web design and content marketing for a variety of amazing clients.

Several years, double espressos and success stories later, Shannon founded Shopfront Creative (SFC) to help others with those things she does exceptionally well.

She and her team focus on three:

1. Brand Story and Identity Development. We help our clients create and express authentic, attractive and trustworthy brands.

Shopfront clients rise above the rest with strategic storytelling in all the right places. We perfectly position client brands and stimulate market appetites.

2. Digital Brand Experience & Web Design. Shopfront builds beautiful websites that set the foundation for a stunning digital brand experience.

Our team combines gorgeous photography, videography, branding and messaging that attract, resonate and engage. SFC websites entice customers with style and content that keeps them browsing, reading and falling in love.

3. Marketing Strategy & Implementation. Once designed and positioned, we show clients how to express their gorgeous brands across a variety of media channels. 

Our marketing strategists provide clarity and a simple path to connection with an audience who we help nurture into a tribe. We then show our clients how to over-deliver and deepen that love.

Shopfront creates experiences that help people improve their lives by working with our amazing clients.